Escaping Gravity 2013, Oil on Canvas, 158 x 109 cm

Available through Identity Art Gallery, HK

Fascinated also by the relationship between the digital image and how it might be translated into paint Bold Tendencies is a series of works based on video screen shots which capture both real explosions and explosions from computer games.  Working also from overexposed photographs as well as painting directly from the computer screen to create visually arresting paintings that explore the limits of depicting light using oil on canvas.

The visual content has also been rearranged in order to draw tension across the surface of the canvas and to obscure the original image and subject matter to become abstracted.

time lapse video

‘Box’s work continues to be concerned with paint’s ability to visually
describe and reinvent and especially in being able to balance between
figuration and abstraction.  Her recent work engages also with being
able to rearrange both space and sense of depth on the canvas through
composition and layering’




Escaping Gravity is painted in oil on canvas.
Ready to hang, requires (optional) framing.


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